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Ladies Special - Rape


Eve Teasing & Beyond >> Rape

IPrathiba Murthy, a BPO employee in Bangalore was raped and murdered by a taxi driver.

The principal of a government school in north Delhi raped a Class 10 student of the school. The principal, who was also the girl's private tutor, took the girl to three cronies of his. The four eminently respectable men - a school principal, a vice-principal and two businessmen - gang raped the 16-year old girl during the night. The next morning they sent her back to her parents.

Banwari Devi, a dalit and working as saathin in government programme of Rajasthan was gang raped by a dominant caste in front of her husband. She was preventing child marriages amongst Gujjars. The perpetrators thought she must be “taught a lesson….â€Â

For every twenty six minutes a rape is committed in India and out of which 30% are against minors.

Some precautions for the single women

  • Rape/sexual assault is one of the ugliest and most brutal expression of masculine violence against women. Rape is a violent crime, an Invasion and a frightening experience. Rape affects all women, no matter what their age, caste or economic status.
  • Rape is not sex but violence on women/girls
  • Rape/Sexual abuse makes women feel humiliated and degraded
  • The rape or the threat of rape always makes women feel unsafe and forced to remain alert all the time
  • All women are potential victims of sexual assault. By being aware, a woman can reduce the likelihood of becoming a rape victim.
  • This does not mean all rapes can be prevented. If at all a rape is committed, the victim and people around her should address the trauma by remembering that

Psycho-social trauma of a rape victim:

  • Always take the elevator instead of the stairs. Stairwells are horrible places to be alone.
  • The victim faces degradation and social unacceptability. “It is a deathless shame or living with deathâ€Â
  • It does not only victimise her, but it also leaves a lifelong stigma on the character and dignity of a woman, causing her and her relatives, pain and agony.
  • In the case of an unmarried woman, the stigma acts as a hurdle for a married life and she is looked as an outcaste. For no fault of hers she has to endure all the pain, shame and misery.
  • The married woman loses the love of her husband and her restoration in the family is jeopardized. The family members never show a positive approach to her. Even children lose the trust and security they reposed in her.
  • For fear of blame, rape victims often remain reticent and withdrawn. Many a time, they attempt to commit suicide out of grief and self-contempt.

How to report rape to Police

Do not shower, wash, or change clothes

Some precautions for the single women

  • Do not shower, wash, or change clothing
  • Have a medical exam and internal gynaecological exam as soon as possible. A delay in time may destroy evidence
  • A female doctor must take semen smears
  • Inform female doctor of exact acts committed upon you and have the doctor note any medical evidence of them.
  • This does not mean all rapes can be prevented. If at all a rape is committed, the victim and people around her should address the trauma by remembering that
  • Female doctor should note any bruises or injuries bleeding, lacerations, etc. external or internal
  • Have test for venereal diseases (and pregnancy later, if relevant)
  • Do not disturb the scene of the assault
  • Inform police of all details of attacker like his face, language, did he receive any calls, his vehicle number and of anything unusual you may have noted about the attacker
  • Remember what the person said and how it was said. It may lead to the arrest of the assailant
  • Show police any external bruises or injuries, however minor, resulting from the attack
  • Police will request your clothes for purpose of evidence
  • Inform the police if you remember anything that was not previously reported

Description of the attacker

  • Type of vehicle used by the rapist (if known – license, make or model and colour).
  • Age, weight and height
  • Hair colour and length
  • Colour of eyes
  • Clothing
  • Any unusual marks, scars, tattoos, ring, etc
  • Any facial hair
  • Type of accent (Any strange or distinctive odour)
  • Last direction of travel
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