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Superintendent of Police's Message

Mohd. Suvez Haque (IPS)
Superintendent of Police, Pune

On behalf of Pune Rural Police, I welcome you to our Home Page.

          The Pune Rural Police, a professional law enforcement agency, is engaged in prevention of crime, maintenance of law and order, management of traffic and in the co-ordination of various services provided by many other organizations that help in maintaining the safety and security of the citizens of Pune District.

          Police Department, being the most visible arm of the Government, is often the first point of contact between the citizens and the local Government. We, at Pune Rural Police, are conscious of the great responsibility bestowed on us and are fully prepared to assist you in all possible ways.

          Pune Rural Police through its various community policing schemes has been constantly striving to improve its relation with the citizens of Pune District and ensure highest level of public safety and welfare for them. We are conscious that without citizen’s support we would be far less successful in our endeavor to serve the community.

          But, this is not something we can do on our own. Effective policing does not stop at just the police. It is my belief that every person in the community has a role to play in keeping themselves and each other safe.

"Policing is everyone’s business. We all have responsibilities".

          To do this, We will ensure that police are provided with the support, encouragement and leadership required to enable them to discharge their duties to the best of their ability. We shall focus on maximising our resources to support police and our community and most importantly, We want to ensure that all staff have reasons to be proud of being a member of this organization.

          The Pune Rural Police has extensively used the internet in interaction with the public through e-mails and Online Complaints option on our website.  Media has been used extensively in dissemination of information to public at large in forging a partnership with citizens in our fight against crime.

           In our efforts to combat the unconventional crimes committed through Internet (Cyber Crime) we are constantly upgrading the skills of our professional manpower and technology at the Cyber Crime Cell of Crime Branch. We assure that Pune Rural Police will be able to effectively deal with any challenge posed by the criminals who are increasingly adept in modern technology.

           I also take this opportunity for thanking all the Citizens of Pune District for extending excellent co-operation for maintenance of Law and order in Pune District. At our end we have been trying to do our best in serving the society. We have initiated some new measures for your safety and well being.

           This site is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the Department and about a step forward to make Pune a safer District.

Pune Rural Police- Mission Statement

  • Providing Corruption free police service with highest integrity.
  • Creation of new ideas for better service for the citizens of Pune District.
  • Preference to the community participation while performing various duties and creating a fearless environment, communal & religious harmony for progress & prosperity of the society.
  • Impartial & stringent enforcement of the law. Prevention of crime & speedy investigation of crime with impartial & sincere efforts.
  • Stringent action against illegal activities, anti-social & anti-national elements.

            We're working hard to make sure this site remains useful and up-to-date. In order for us to succeed, we need to hear from you. Tell us what works, what doesn’t work, and what you'd like to see on this site.

            We welcome and encourage your feedback. I take this opportunity in appealing to the general public to cooperate with the police. People may come forward and help police to prevent crime. Together we shall effectively prevent crime and maintain law and order.

           On behalf of the men and women of the Pune Rural Police, thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy this new experience of maximum safety & security through our combined efforts.

Mohd. Suvez Haque (IPS)
Superintendent of Police

The Cyber Crime
Investigation Cell of
Pune Rural Police

Cyber Crime Investigation Cell

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