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Pune Rural Superintendent Of Police Over The Years


From Date: September 2011
To Date: August 2012

Shri. Sandip Karnik

From Date: May 2011
To Date: September 2011

Shri.Pratap Dighavkar

From Date: August 2009
To Date: May 2011

Shri. Vishwas Nangare Patil.(IPS)

From Date: November 2005
To Date: June 2008

Shri. V.V.Lakshmi Narayana, I.P.S.

From Date: June 2005
To Date: November 2005

Shri. Bhujangrao Shinde, I.P.S.

From Date: April 2004
To Date: June 2005

Shri. Dr.Madhav Sanap , I.P.S.

From Date: June 2001
To Date: April 2004

Shri. G.D.Pol , I.P.S.

From Date: June 1999
To Date: June 2001

Shri. Suresh Khopade, I.P.S.

From Date: June 1998
To Date: June 1999

Shri. Ashok Dhiware, I.P.S.

From Date: July 1997
To Date: June 1998

Photo not available

Shri. Prakash Pawar, I.P.S.

From Date: September 1995
To Date: July 1997

Shri. Vikram Bokey, I.P.S.

From Date: April 1993
To Date: September 1995

Photo not available

Shri. B.D.More, I.P.S.

From Date: January 1990
To Date: April 1993

Shri. G.D.Pol, S.P.S.

From Date: December 1988
To Date: January 1990

Photo not available

Shri. K.P.Gaikwad, I.P.S.

From Date: June 1987
To Date: December 1988

Photo not available

Shri. B.S.Mohite, I.P.S.

From Date: June 1985
To Date: June 1987

Shri. U.D.Rajwade, I.P.S.

From Date: May 1983
To Date: June 1985

Photo not available

Shri. C.Prabhakar, I.P.S.

From Date: December 1982
To Date: May 1983

Photo not available

Shri. S.S.Suradkar, I.P.S.

From Date: November 1981
To Date: December 1982

Photo not available

Shri. Y.C.Pawar, I.P.S.

From Date: February 1981
To Date: November 1981

Photo not available

Shri. V.V.Kale, S.P.S.

From Date: December 1980
To Date: February 1981

Photo not available

Shri. Charansing Azad, I.P.S.

From Date: January 1979
To Date: December 1980

Photo not available

Shri. A.N.Roy, I.P.S.

From Date: December 1977
To Date: January 1979

Photo not available

Shri. S.S.Thakur, I.P.S.

From Date: July 1975
To Date: December 1977

Photo not available

Shri. T.Singaravel, I.P.S.

From Date: June 1974
To Date: July 1975

Photo not available

Shri. R.Shrinivasan, I.P.S.

From Date: April 1973
To Date: June 1974

Shri. S.S.Virk, I.P.S.

From Date: March 1973
To Date: April 1973

Photo not available

Shri. R.Shrinivasan, I.P.S.

From Date: July 1972
To Date: March 1973

Photo not available

Shri. C.V.Bapat, I.P.S.

From Date: November 1969
To Date: July 1972

Photo not available

Shri.Dr. H.G.Abhyankar, I.P.S.

From Date: June 1968
To Date: November 1969

Photo not available

Shri.P.K.Kanungo, I.P.S.

From Date: December 1966
To Date: June 1968

Photo not available

Shri.S.S.Bhonsle, I.P.S.

From Date: January 1964
To Date: December 1966

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